Reimagine Words

Hi! I’m Sara and I create high-quality, effective Italian content on a daily basis. I would love to work with your brand.


For me, translation doesn’t only mean finding the corresponding meaning of each word in another language.
My clients work with me because I’m able to make content sound alive and real for the Italian audience – thanks to my deep knowledge of the Italian language and culture.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in European Languages and Cultures with a focus on English and German. Although I was born, grew up and spent most of my life in Italy, I have also lived in other countries: Germany, Serbia, France and Poland. After moving back to my hometown – Bologna – in June 2016, the United Kingdom has been my new home since December 2019. I now work with clients in several countries: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, and many others.


I take my professional training seriously. This means that I constantly keep up to date with all news and developments in the translation industry, and continually work and practice to improve my skills and acquire new ones. Below you will find an overview of training I have undertaken in order to bring you more value with every project.

I’m also a proud member of:
AITI - Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (associate member)

Card no. 215065

Professional development training